Engagement after 50?

It has been some time since I last wrote and I thought I should share that I am now engaged! To be honest this comes as a surprise even to me. I have been in a relationship with a man for over three years now and have truly felt like I have met my best friend. But marriage after 50 and a second time for both of us?

Announcing this to family and friends hasn’t been easy. To those who know both of us well, it has been nothing but pure joy because they see the love, observe the closeness and know we are each other’s best friend. To others which includes much of my family it hasn’t been so easy. You see, I come from a very deeply religious, conservative family where divorce and remarriage is not looked upon favorably. And my ex-husband is loved dearly by all.

I have no animosity toward my ex-husband and agree with everyone that he is a good man. This will sound very strange for some but I understand and get that. He is a good father and good Christian man who deeply loves the Lord. But we never developed a friendship that is important in a marriage. Not his fault and not my fault. It just never happened with the circumstances of our meeting, getting married for the wrong reasons (and way too young), raising three children in difficult situations and working through personal trauma from both our childhoods.

I am grateful that I am forgiven and loved by a God who is bigger than the forgiveness (or lack of) and love of family and friends. I am glad that I can trust Him to lead me forward in new paths with a best friend right beside me. I look forward to living (and loving) life after 50 riding our Harley, staying at our happy place at the lake and spending time with family and friends who love us unconditionally.

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