10 Things I am Doing While House Bound

It is March 2020 and I am home due to work shutdown and the Coronavirus pandemic. It is a historical moment in time for all of us and it will be interesting to see how all of us handle this time in our lives. I haven’t posted any thoughts in a while so I decided it was a good use of my time for now. I am now 55 years old so the title of my blog is still appropriate (lol) and I have whimsical, stupid and probably down right cheesy thoughts along with hopefully encouraging words to share. I will start with 10 things I have been doing during isolation:

  1. Sleeping In:  I love my sleep! The older I get the more I like to sleep. Just being honest. I don’t like to get up early in the morning and I don’t like to stay up late at night unless I am out having drinks and fun with friends!
  2. Eating too much: My boyfriend decided we should be stocked up in the condo for several weeks even though he is not here during the week so he went and bought all kinds of food that I would not normally pick for myself. I am set with Miller Life beer (yuck), potato chips, bacon, steak, chicken, beef, soups, baked beans, bread, 2% milk, ice cream and apples. I should not complain at all because he is being thoughtful but I would have shopped for very different things. My list would include Michelob Ultra (yum), tuna, hummus, granola, protein bars, skim milk, frozen yogurt and Starbucks coffee k-cups!
  3. Wearing pajamas all day: Well, no one is going to see me for quite some time and it is less laundry!
  4. Talking to the dogs: I have 2 adorable fur babies who are keeping me company and one of them (Della) actually talks back so we have conversations about how lousy the weather is for going on a walk, how she needs to get the bone and bring it back to me (she never does) and how both of them have to be nice to each other and share the attention I give to them and not be jealous.
  5. Binge watching on Hulu and Netflix: I am checking out all the series that people have recommended and finding some that have me hooked like The Handmaiden’s Tale, Grace and Frankie, The Ranch and The Marvelous Mrs Maisel.
  6. Trying to exercise: I really need to get more on top of this because all this sitting and watching tv and eating is going to catch up to me real fast! My Samsung phone has an app called Samsung Health and it gives an exercise to try each day so I am attempting to do them. The dogs don’t seem to understand what I am doing and start barking at me but I just interpret it as motivational barking.
  7. Listening to Amazon Music: They have a series called Work from Home which has great songs from past and present with the word “work” in them. I am really enjoy it and it breaks up the monotony for the day.
  8. Working on training classes to offer via Zoom: My passion is training and development so why not make use of this time and develop courses from my entourage of files. I could offer them online during this time. Who knows I may be able to help some companies with beneficial soft skills that their employees need for the future when they return to work.
  9. Enjoying wine: I am a wine guide along with my day job and I have accumulated an assortment of great wines to drink so I am trying all of them (not at the same time!) so I can recommend what others will enjoy as well. Go to https://wineguide.life/766412 to check out what I offer and have it shipped to your home.
  10. Reading Scripture and daily devotionals: This is last but not least. I am convinced that this is the most beneficial to my mental, emotional, and spiritual health during this time. I believe in prayer and a loving God who is there for me at all times including difficult days like what we are going through right now. Message me if you need recommendations on helpful things to read.

So there you have my list of how I am handling this home bound isolation during this very serious time in our country. I hope that this inspires you, makes you laugh, and encourages you. We will make it through this together (well not physically together but you know what I mean). Feel free to leave a message of how you are keeping busy. I would love to connect with you! Blessings to everyone.

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