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Hot Flashes, Wrinkles, and Other Signs of Aging


Being a woman over 50 has brought some interesting challenges to accept. The once smooth skin, tight stomach and buttocks, and natural blonde hair have all started to disappear. The body also likes to break out into a sweat even though its 90 degrees outside and the bed covers get thrown off and on all night.

I remember hearing women talk about all of this when I was younger and thinking I had all the time in the world before I would deal with these signs of aging. Well that time came very quickly and I have had to face the fact that I am now one of those women myself.

Perhaps the hardest part of dealing with this is the acceptance of aging. Our society has made it difficult to admire women with wrinkled skin, sagging body parts and grey hair (until recently when young women starting dying their hair grey)!

The medical and cosmetic industry has flooded us with every magic product and procedure to fix the signs of aging. BUT the ironic thing is that we all will age and eventually die no matter what we do to reduce the look of aging.

So without being morbid or depressive I am choosing to accept my aging, in fact I am going to enjoy and celebrate this rite of passage that I have reached. I am going to walk proudly knowing I have raised three wonderful children, enjoyed a marriage of 29 years, worked a variety of challenging and rewarding jobs and stepped out in confidence to enjoy the “second half ” of my life now.

I am going to go forward and accept that my body will go through its changes but I am still the beautiful, intelligent, determined and loving woman that I have always been.

I just might need a fan, spray bottle and spandex while I do it!

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