The Difference a Year Can Make (or not)

One year ago today I was pulling away with a trailer loaded with all of my earthly possessions thinking that I was going to start a new life in Florida with the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I was hopeful and optimistic that life would finally start going well for me. Little did I know that one year from then my life would be exactly the same as the one I thought I was leaving.

One year ago I was sad, depressed, lonely and completely broke financially. I stilled loved a man that I thought would change all of that. I thought that I would have the white picket fence (in our case horse pasture fences) and a home with a garden, the horses and the love of my life living by my side enjoying our adventurous life riding our Harley motorcycle. Never did I imagine that within just a couple of months I would find out that the love of my life had an addiction that would destroy our lives together. So here I sit, one year later, sad, depressed, lonely and again completely broke financially again.

BUT there is a glimmer of hope in my life again. I have, first of all, a God and Saviour who promises never to leave me and in whom I can completely depend on in my darkest moments. He is only a prayer away and always hears my cry.

I have family who love me unconditionally through all of my twists and turns of life. They have never abandoned me when I have made bad decisions and have hurt them  This includes my ex-husband and children who have blessed my life tremendously.

I also have friends in TN who have been there for me in the best and worst of times and who always make me laugh when I want to just hole up in bed and cry.

I have a job that may not pay all of the bills but it stretches me and gives me great coworkers who I can laugh and cry with. I know that my bosses care about my well being and want to see me succeed. That is something to be thankful for.

I also have hope that I may have met someone who will be very important in my life but I will talk about that more as I wait and see how that develops (so stayed tune…lol).

So I write all of this to say that One Year can be so promising and so devastating but it is important to reflect on the blessings and not dwell only on what did not go well.

I pray that for you, my readers, your year is one full of lessons that strengthen you and move you toward the things that are important in life.



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