Facebook Life Leads to a New Blog

Well, here it is. My attempt at writing a blog instead of posting my life all over Facebook. Yep, that is how this got started. I have had a Facebook page for so many years now I don’t even remember and my page has had it share of pictures, posts, rantings, ravings, blocks and unblocks, friends and unfriends (is that a word now?).

I decided that if someone wants to continue following the drama of a 50 something single woman who puts out there publicly anything and everything (to my parents and sometime my children’s chagrin) then this blog is the place.

So a little about me. I was raised in two homes. My parents were divorced when I was young and so part of my life was raised in my mother and stepfather’s home in northern IN and my high school years were in my father and stepmother’s home in northern Florida. Following high school I went to college, met my now ex husband and lived 28 years trying to be the best wife and mother of 3 wonderful children. Then I got divorced, moved to TN and now struggle to financially keep my head above water while enjoying the beautiful state and great friends I have met here.

Did I mention that I am single? Yes that is also part of the ongoing craziness of my life. Dating after age 50 is in a category all by itself. But you will hear more about that in future posts. (Fair warning to my parents and children, lol)

I am an imperfect Christian. Yes, I purposely wrote imperfect because unfortunately there is a very horrible rumor that Christians think they are perfect and better than others. Well to be honest, there are some out there that think that but I don’t like to hang with that kind. I’d rather sip a beer, dance on the dance floor at a honky-tonk with the ones who know they are imperfect and believe that grace is a true gift for those of us who struggle with sin, imperfection and making bad decisions in life. But again, more of that later.

I am a dog owner. Sophe, my Westie (West Highand Terrier) is the love of my life right now. She and I adopted each other at a very bad time in my life and we have been by each other’s side ever since. You will probably get sick of pictures of her but that’s too bad because I think she is the cutest dog on the planet. 🙂

Ok, enough about me for today’s post. You will get to know me much more if you choose to follow this blog. I don’t blame you if you run and stay far far away! However, if you do choose to follow I would appreciate comments, shares and occasional money sent my way (ok that was a joke, maybe).

Let me know your thoughts and what you would like to hear more of in the future. I can talk about me forever. Ha!



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